Our monthly feasts designed to making eating at home fun! Explore different cultures, and we are venturing into Sichuan! Inspired by Sichuan, here's a feast to combat the hot weather. Eating spicy food is common in some countries! Here we have a feast with cold dishes and spicy sides. Simple reheat on dishes like mapo tofu, stir-fried eggplant, and lotus root pancakes. Enjoy cold dishes spicy woodear salad, smashed cucumbers, and soy silken tofu. Meat or vegetarian menus available. A feast for 2 includes:



Meat Menu


Mapo Tofu

- ground beef, soft tofu, bean paste stew


Sichuan Oil Beef

- sliced beef shank, tripe, cilantro


Lotus Root Pancakes

- sliced lotus root, pork, pan fried



OR Vegetarian Menu


Mapo Tofu

- mushrooms, soft tofu, bean paste stew


Chili Oil Dumplings

- shredded carrot, cabbage filled, chili oil


Lotus Root Pancakes

- sliced lotus root filled with glutinous rice, pan fried



Scallion pancake

- layered with scallions, butter, panfried.


Stir-Fried Eggplant

- eggplant, soy bean paste, chili


Smashed Cucumbers

- garlic, soy, oil


Woodear Mushrooms

- marinated, black vinegar, sesame, chili oil


Shredded Potato Salad

- blanched, shredded, scallion, cilantro


Silken Tofu

- soy, scallion, ginger


Sesame Cold Noodles

- cucumber, scallion, black vinegar, vermicelli



- a little sweetness to end the meal



Add-On - food!

- more chilies! house crispy chili oil 325ml. put that ish on everything.  - $13




Add-On - cold drinks to cool the spice!

- cherry hibiscus aguas frescas 1L - $10

- HK style milk tea 1L - $13

- Thai milk tea 1L - $14




Delivery Dates/Areas - please select options at checkout


Deadline is Wednesday July 28 for,

- Delivery Saturday July 31: Toronto (Downtown, Midtown, West End, York, Etobicoke). 

- Delivery Sunday August 1: Toronto (Downtown, Midtown, Uptown, East End, York, North York, Scarborough), Markham.

- Pick-Up Saturday July 31 at 1993 Yonge St. between 10am-3pm.


deliveries times are between 11am-7pm. we cannot guarantee early arrival during the day, delivery time depends on the driver's route, thank you for your understanding.



*this meal contains gluten, sesame, dairy, chilies!

please notify us of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Chinese Feast for 2!