HotBlack Blend Espresso and Filter Coffee Beans, whole

A note from HotBlack Coffee: We source our green beans from ethical farms, and roast to perfection locally. This is our house blend that we use in our coffee shop - primarily South American beans that are complemented by beans from around the world. The exact mix varies depending upon the seasonal availability of the fresh green beans, and we strive to have a consistent flavour profile for a balanced, smooth and clean finish.

We feel that our coffees are at their best from about ten days to three weeks after roasting, and should stay terrific for up to four weeks after that. They are best stored in a cool, dry and dark place - ideally in an airtight container or in the bag that they shipped in - as long as you fold and reseal the bag properly. For optimum flavour, we recommend that you purchase Whole Beans if you can, and grind the beans appropriately just before you make your coffee. The flavour is better, and the remaining beans stay fresher longer longer this way. That being said, it will be totally ok if we grind the beans for you - with your choice of three settings (courser grind for French Press, medium ground for a filter machine or manual pourover, or fine ground for espresso machine and the classic Italian Bialetti stovetop style coffee maker). We roast our beans weekly, and we will send you our most recent batch - which we will have already tested at our coffee shop - so they will generally arrive about a week to ten days after roasting. Perfect timing!

The beans come in professional, heat-sealed kraft paper packaging, with a state of the art one-way valve to ensure that no air gets in, and the contents stay in optimum condition. We also provide a reusable clip to reseal the bag at your convenience.

Coffee Beans, Whole - HotBlack Coffee