Surprise dad with an amazing spread! Some bbq classics with an easy reheat on the grill or in the oven. ribs, chicken wings, salads, pork rinds and pineapple cake! 🍍



- smoky + sweet barbeque sauce glazed baby back ribs


choice of chicken wing marinade:

- ancho coffee rubbed

- satay sauce



- tomatoes, pickled onions, sourdough, herbs


shishito peppers

- bell peppers, smoked tomato, lime


potato salad

- dill, celery, scallion, aioli


kimchi pasta salad

- house scallion kimchi, carrot, aioli, nori


chicharron (pork rinds)

- chili salt


pinepple upside down cake

- fresh pineapple, rum




Add-On - cold drinks!

- watermelon lime juice 325ml - $7

- pineapple, poblano, apple, turmeric lime juice 325ml $7

- chef gerry's caesar mix, vegan friendly, includes garnishes 325ml - $13


Add-On - more dishes!

- more wings! - 1 lb of satay or ancho chili rubbed. $12

- pulled pork! - 1 lb morita bbq sauce, slow roasted pork shoulder $16




Delivery Dates/Areas - please select options at checkout


Deadline is Wednesday June 16 for,

- Delivery Friday June 18: Toronto (Downtown, Midtown, East End, York, North York, Scarborough), Markham.


Deadline is Thursday June 17 for,

-Delivery Saturday June 19: Toronto (Downtown, Midtown, West End, York, Etobicoke). Pick-Up!


Deadline is Thursday June 17 for,

- Pick-Up Sunday June 20 @ 1993 Yonge St. (HotBlack Coffee) - 9am-3pm


if you plan to enjoy on saturday, please select friday delivery. deliveries times are between 11am-7pm. we cannot guarantee early arrival during the day, delivery time depends on the driver's route, thank you for your understanding. ___________________________


*this meal contains meat, gluten, egg, dairy.

please notify us of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Father's Day Feast for 1!