Not feeling the whole Holiday Feast? You can now order the tasty sides individually! Choose as many or as little as you want. Fully cooked, just reheat. Small sides to accompany a main dish, or eat as the meal. All dishes are vegetarian but can be made vegan. 
- roasted brussels sprouts, pear miso compote (gluten)
- roasted garlicky mini potatoes
- creamy mashed potatoes (dairy)
- mac and cheese with jalapeno (cashews, dairy, gluten)
- tahini cucumber green salad, goat cheese, pepitas, sesame (seeds, dairy)
- sourdough bread pudding (gluten, dairy, egg)
- roasted spiced carrots, citrus, ancient grains (gluten)
- roasted + glazed squash medley, pepita
- pearl couscous, pomegranate, olive oil, citrus (gluten)
Plese notify us of any allergies or dietary restrictions!

Holiday Sides


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