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Hello! We currently prepare meals for donations to Community Fridges TO, who have locations across the city. We believe in giving back to our community in this time of need. Although we may not have a lot to give, we at ALMA+GIL still believe in helping others. We are trying to give back by cooking and feeding people, we hope providing a meal for someone in need can help make a difference. We provide a variety of meals, dishes from different cultures that reflect toronto’s ethnic palate. The meals are prepared with the highest food safety standards, especially following covid workspace guidelines.


If you would like to help increase the amount of meals on a weekly basis, $10 helps provide one meal. thank you for your generosity and interest. if you would like to contact us for more information, or would like us to help prepare a larger amount of meals for donations, or for us to deliver to a specific community fridges, pleases let us know. please email us at Have a great week and stay safe! 💕


To read more about the awesome people contributing:


Toronto Star - ‘Take what you need, leave what you can’: How a Toronto network is transforming the way we think about food insecurity

Family Meal


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