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Chinese New Year 2021

With the big celebration coming up, we have a feast of feasts for you! A couple traditional dishes and a couple inspired by chef @hellomandysou’s grandma! This will be the first year celebrating without the Sou matriach, we have a menu inspired by her and her amazing cooking. Available with meat or vegetarian. With the lucky number 8, each Feast will include:

- Wintermelon soup

- Glutinous rice wings/yuba roll

- Spicy chicken/tofu ribbon salad

- Braised shiitakes

- Baked fish with soy

- Sweet + sour shrimp tofu/cauliflower

- Braised snow fungus

- Tong yuan

🧋 Our HK style milk tea is available to accompany your meal!

🍪 You can also add on our festive CNY box to treat yourself or send one as a gift! Includes a traditional radish cake, peanut puffs and sesame shortbread!

Delivery days available: feb 11/12, 19/20!

Two weekends of New Year’s deliciousness! ✨

Happy Lunar New Year!

Mandy + Gerry


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