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Thanksgiving 2022! Our third annual Thanksgiving meal. We have a feast for celebrating the occasion. Roast herb chicken, or roasted eggplant, accompanied with a miso roasted vegetables, creamy mashed potatoes, wedge salad, and finish with a fruit crumble. Meal for the solo diner, 2, or 4+ people (and leftovers, the best!). The meal is fully cooked, just need to reheat. 


Send a feast to a friend or relative, please specify gifting instructions in notes. With a purchase of a Thanksgiving Feast, we will donate a meal to Community Fridges Toronto, thank you for your contribution!

Delivery Dates

Saturday October 8th (Toronto, Etobicoke)

Sunday October 9th (Toronto, Markham)


order soon before we hit capacity!

deadline is Tuesday October 4th.

You don't want to miss out of this feast by

chefs Gerry and Mandy!


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